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Source & Summit is a Catholic technology company and liturgical publisher dedicated to helping parishes elevate the liturgy. The new Source & Summit Missal, which launched for pre-order in June, is designed specifically to guide parishes along a path of gradual, authentic liturgical renewal.  As parishes recover this fall from the restrictions placed on them during the pandemic, missals are returning to pews nationwide, and the opportunity for deep and lasting liturgical renewal has never been greater.  The Source & Summit Missal offers the customary components of an annual Catholic missal along with a treasure trove of riches from the Church’s heritage, aimed at drawing parishes more deeply into the Divine Life of Jesus Christ and into a life of missionary discipleship. 

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Adam Bartlett

Founder, CEO

Adam Bartlett is a sought-after Catholic speaker, writer, and clinician on topics of liturgy, music, and the New Evangelization. With over a decade of experience as a parish and cathedral music director, seminary instructor, and teacher, Adam routinely brings his passion for sacred music and liturgical renewal to his work as CEO and founder of Source & Summit, a Catholic publisher and tech company that exists to help every Catholic parish elevate the liturgy.  Adam additionally serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Augustine Institute and sacred music consultant for FOCUS.  He resides in Michigan with his wife and three children. 

Jethro Higgins

Director of Marketing

Jethro Higgins began his career as a Catholic campus Music Director before receiving his Masters in Business Analysis from Catholic University of America, and has spent 15 years in youth and young adult & music ministry. Jethro came to Source & Summit after 8 years as a Digital Product Owner and Marketing Lead at the legacy Catholic music publisher OCP. He is currently studying for his Masters in Theology at the Augustine Institute. Jethro lives in Oregon with his wife and six children. 

Meet the Rest of our Team

Sample interview questions

Topics for Discussion

  1. Why do you consider participation in the liturgy to be the life-giving font of all we do as Catholics, and what does it mean to elevate the liturgy?
  2. The USCCB is calling for a “Eucharistic Revival” in the coming years that is aimed at reigniting faith in the Eucharist. Does Source & Summit have a role to play in this important initiative?
  3. How is sacred music different from devotional music and music aimed at evangelization? Can’t we sing any music in the liturgy as long as it’s about faith?
  4. How do you see Source & Summit as a disruptive force in the liturgical publishing landscape, and does the Source & Summit digital platform play a role in that disruption?
  5. How can a parish get a closer look at the Source & Summit Missal or digital platform, and where can they learn more about it? 
  6. How does Source & Summit fit into the New Evangelization?
  7. What makes the Source & Summit Missal different, and what should the average parishioner look for in this type of resource that they might not be used to seeing?
  8. How does Source & Summit help parishes renew the liturgy on a local level?

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To request an interview with Adam Bartlett or Jethro Higgins, Director of Marketing, or to receive an electronic review copy of the new Source & Summit Missal, contact Carrie Kline at

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