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Prepare liturgies with ease with the riches of the Liturgy at your fingertips. More than a “liturgy planner,” the Source & Summit Digital Platform will help you prepare the complete content your parish needs for the Liturgy, customize the music scores, and deliver that content in multiple formats to those who need it. 

Everything you need combined into one cutting edge, best-in-class platform, at a lower cost than purchasing several tools, subscriptions, and licenses. In this time of pandemic recovery we want to help you be a good steward of your parish finances. Source & Summit combines licensing, music planning, music library, score customization and liturgical content delivery in a single platform.

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Features & Benefits

What makes Source & Summit different from other online tools for liturgy?

Liturgy Preparation

Confidently prepare complete liturgies for any liturgical season on the Church calendar including Holy Week and all of Ordinary Time, with access to texts of the Common Lectionary, Roman Missal, and the music your ensembles & assemblies need for the Mass. Dynamically populate the content for Sundays, Weekdays, Solemnities, Memorials, Weddings, Funerals, Ritual Masses, and any Holy Day. Planning music has never been easier or more engaging with music suggestions for more than just hymns and mass settings.

Sheet Music Customization

Far greater content flexibility than the leading liturgy preparation offerings from legacy liturgical publishers by an order of magnitude. Simply and easily add or remove verses, transpose music, add or remove chord symbols and vocal harmonies for simple 4-part choral music, or change the hymn tune for any hymn text. If that’s not flexible enough, you can also engrave your own sheet music and upload it using our upload feature.

Multi-Format Delivery

Whether your congregation uses a missal in the pews, printed worship aids, projection, digital delivery, or some mixture of the above, you will have the flexibility to provide every format your congregation and your musicians need to participate in the sung liturgy fully, actively, and consciously.

Digital Music Library

Access over 3,000 antiphons, hundreds of hymns, Psalms, gospel acclamations and 18 mass settings including harmonizations and chord symbols. Our library is ever growing in order to provide you with more liturgically and theologically sound choices for liturgical music than any other source, with content in Spanish and Latin . Add to your personal library by uploading your own content from other publishers and licensing services or your own arrangements.

Content Upload

Source & Summit provides everything you need for the Liturgy, but at times you may still need to import additional content from other sources.  Your digital library has the flexibility to organize all of your licensed, public domain, and original content in one place for use in a single platform, eliminating the need to jump around between different content sources to assemble your music each week. Please review our terms of service before uploading any copyrighted content.

Hassle-Free Licensing

With Source & Summit there is no need for costly licensing services on top of additional fees for liturgy preparation and digital music libraries. We’ve wrapped it all together into a single service at one affordable price to support you in the stewardship of your parish finances

Feature Descriptions

Everything you need in one place

 Liturgy Preparation

Prepare liturgies with confidence and ease

With an ordo that is populated with all the texts, options, and suggestions for Holy Week, Ordinary Time, or any liturgical season in the Church calendar, you'll have everything you need for the Liturgy. Planning music has never been easier or more engaging.

Prepare liturgical celebrations for any date on the liturgical calendar, in addition to Ritual and Votive Masses or Masses for Various Needs, to share with your liturgy and music personnel

A text and music planning resource with an interface that is innovative, intuitive, and easy-to-use for your weekly liturgy

Lectionary Readings and propers for Sundays, Weekdays, and ritual mass

Provide a link to your prepared liturgy so your parish can come prepared for the mass or to allow the homebound to follow along

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The Art of Worship. The Heart of Mission: Introduction formation and training

Digital Music Library

All of your liturgical music in one place

Browse through and select from an ever growing library of antiphons, hymns, mass settings, and service music, appropriate for any moment within the liturgical calendar.

Browse music options with over 3000 Simple Antiphon Settings for the Mass

Enhance the Profession of Faith with multiple options to sing the Creed

Robust English content with additional content in Spanish & Latin.

Hymns, Responsorial Psalms, Gospel Acclamations, mass settings, and more

Accompaniments and Harmonizations

Access the core repertoire of hymns, mass settings, antiphons, Psalms, and more

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Sheet Music Customization

Customize almost everything about the music you share

Completely configurable assembly editions and sheet music for ensembles and help your parish to engage fully in singing the Mass. Provide your assembly and each musician with music that is in the key and notation style of your choice, and with the harmonizations, verses, and tunes you select.

Transpose music to keep your assembly and musicians singing in a comfortable range

Configure music dynamically: Change keys, add or remove verses, add harmonizations, and more

Choose between modern notation,Gregorian (square note) notation, and text only layout

Start from scratch with your own score using our powerful chant Score Editor

Change the hymn tune associated with a hymn text

Customize Music Now

Multi-Format Delivery

Resource your parish in multiple formats

With the Source & Summit Digital Platform, getting the music into the hands of your musicians and congregation has never been easier. With support for multiple forms of digital and print export, as well as the option to reference physical resources like the Source & Summit Missal, you’ll be ready no matter what your parish needs for the 2022 liturgical year.

Export PDF and image files for printing, booklet creation, or for use in your bulletin

Share optimized digital content with your musicians, liturgy personnel, and congregation

Sing or play off of tablet or even mobile devices

Support and supplement your missal program

Assemble music packets for your music program and booklets for your congregation

Deliver Liturgies Now

Hassle-free Licensing

Say goodbye to costly music licenses

Arguably the most thankless task of a liturgical music leader is navigating and remaining in compliance with licensing requirements and copyright law. Source & Summit makes that pain point a thing of the past. With a subscription to Source & Summit you are free to use musical content anywhere you like as many times as you would like without the need to keep detailed records and reports, or the need to pay an additional subscription fee.

No additional licenses needed for re-printing or live-streaming music from our Music Library

No usage reporting necessary — we do it for you

Unlike the legacy publishers, use of our digital library does not require an additional licensing service, saving your parish time and money

Reprint and share with confidence

Save Money Now

Content Upload

Upload additional content to expand your library

Similar to services like Dropbox or Google Drive, the Source & Summit Digital Platform allows you to upload files and store them in your digital library for selection within any liturgy. Any content provided by Source & Summit comes with a Hassle-Free Licensing guarantee; however you are responsible for maintaining appropriate licenses for the usage of any copyrighted content that you add to your library.

Create your own chant scores with our powerful Score Editor and upload them for use in the Liturgy

Upload your licensed content from services like OneLicense and CCLI for use in creating worship aids or musician resources

Use content upload to save references to physical resources in the pews or on your book shelves

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Parish Stories

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Questions & Answers

What is the Source & Summit vision for Authentic Liturgical Renewal?

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The earliest definitions of liturgy given in the Catholic Encyclopedia include “public duty”, “public service” (public worship), and of the official rites and sacraments of the Church ("Divine Liturgy" in the Eastern Rites). The Source & Summit vision for authentic liturgical renewal connects this public prayer of the Church with its impact on the whole of the Church's life and mission.

The dictionary definitions of the word liturgy literally means the performance of a "public work" or "public service". Laos in Green means "public" and ergo means "to do", and so the Liturgy (laos + ergo) is a public duty or service done for the public. The Liturgy of the Church is a form of public worship comprised of prescribed forms that reach back as early as the fourth century. The Christian Liturgy includes not only the sacrament of the Eucharist, but also the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours), and other sacramental rites (such as Baptism, Confirmation, Matrimony, Exorcism, and others). The Eastern Churches, and other non-Roman branches of the earliest Christian Churches, while sharing the same profession of faith with valid sacraments, do not participate in the same rite or body of rites as those in the West. They do still celebrate the same Christian liturgy, however. The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and the Liturgy of St. Basil are valid celebrations of the holy Eucharist even though they have different forms of the eucharistic prayer than the Roman Rite. A particular richness of the Eastern rites is found in its emphasis on the Holy Spirit in relation to Jesus Christ’s perfect act of worship to the Father. And so, there is no single fixed liturgy in the Church. The various rites in different times and places are handed down faithfully through tradition from one generation to the next, and may possess different forms, but they all participate in the same reality and divine action that is carried out by Jesus Christ, which serves as both the source and the summit of the Church’s life and mission.

The Source & Summit vision for authentic liturgical renewal, put simply, is that the Liturgy of the universal Church would be celebrated beautifully and faithfully as the source of Divine Life in all Christians and as the invigorating font of the Church’s mission. Positioned upon the heights of the Christian life, our vision is that missionary disciples would flow forth from the Liturgy into the world as from a font, into the farthest reaches of the culture, illuminating it with the Light of Christ and turning it toward the transfigured Christ who awaits them at the mountain summit. These missionary disciples make the arduous climb back to the mountain summit, to the Sacred Liturgy, accompanying those who they have evangelized, into a life of prayer and devotion and through a process of asceticism, and ultimately back to the Liturgy where they can once again give glory to God and be filled with the vision of his glory.

What is a liturgy planner?

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“Liturgy planner” is a misnomer for a liturgical music planner resource that helps with the preparation of music for the Liturgy.

A music minister does not plan the Liturgy. The Liturgy is fully planned by the Church. Legacy liturgical music publishers introduced the phrase “liturgy planning” some time ago with physical resources containing "planning pages", and it has become common parlance for organizing the texts and music for the Liturgy into a single outline for various liturgical ministers to follow along with during the Liturgy.

What hymns are included in the Source & Summit Platform?

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Source & Summit has gathered an expansive hymn library above and beyond the familiar hymns of past decades including hymns from the Liturgy of the Hours.

In the Catholic Church, the Liturgy of the Hours is singular among the liturgical books in its inclusion of hymns as a component proper to the Liturgy. However, throughout the centuries many devotional hymns have been composed in English that have stood the test of time. Source & Summit includes an expansive hymn library of these hymns which go above and beyond the familiar hymns of past decades. These hymns can be sung as choral music or accompanied with organ music using the chords & harmonizations feature. You can find hymn suggestions in the right side panel.

Are there extra licensing costs for creating booklets, projector presentations, live streaming, etc?

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No. With Source & Summit there is no need for costly licensing services on top of additional fees for liturgy preparation and digital music libraries.

The legacy model for music licensing was very restrictive, parishes were required to purchase a license for every use case. Do you want to make booklets? You need a license. Do you want to add music to a presentation? You need another license. Do you want to Livestream? You need an additional license. Do you want to make practice recordings for your ensemble? There is a license for that. Do you want to use your licensed music at a retreat or event off the parish grounds? That might not be covered without an event license. Do you want to print off music/content for your parishioners or choir members? You need to pay individually for every copy. And so on. 

At Source and Summit we’ve wrapped licensing all together into the single service that you actually use to organize and execute your ministry, at one affordable price, to support you in the stewardship of your parish finances. You no longer have to choose between faith formation and half a dozen liturgical subscriptions.

Can I use the Source & Summit platform if my parish isn’t in the United States?

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Unfortunately, not at this time.

Our platform and content is currently approved for use by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). We receive a plethora of inquiries from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc, but unfortunately we haven’t yet gone through the approval process for these countries. If you’re from one of these countries, please feel free to let your local Bishops Conference know that you want to bring Source & Summit to your country:

Email the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and WalesEmail the Canadian Conference of Catholic BishopsEmail the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference 

What languages are supported?

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We support English, Spanish*, and Latin*.

English content is fully supported in the platform. This includes content for Holy Week, Ordinary time, or any liturgical season on the Church calendar with everything in the common lectionary, Missal, and music your ensembles & assemblies need to sing the Mass.

*Content for Spanish & Latin support includes liturgy content support for any Sunday or Solemnity and a core body of hymns. Content will be added and available throughout the fall to be finalized for the 2022 liturgical year beginning in November.  

How much does it cost?

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Source & Summit offers three product tiers each with a different relative price per the size of your parish.

Each of the relative product offerings (Essentials, Missal Support Materials, and Standard) have their own unique pricing tiers that then dependent upon the number of registered families at your parish. 

Digital Offerings


1-49 Families
50-349 Families
350-999 Families
1000-2499 Families
2500+ Families


1-49 Families
50-349 Families
350-999 Families
1000-2499 Families
2500+ Families

Do you represent a Seminary, Student ministry, or event based ministry? Our education discount for the Standard Platform tier brings the subscription price to $499 no matter the size of your assembly with custom pricing options for event based ministries.

For details on the Missal Support prices click here.

What are the differences between the versions of the Source & Summit platform?
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There are currently three tiers of feature sets within the platform: Essentials, Missal Support Materials, and Standard.

The Missal Support Materials tier is specifically designed to support customers who have purchased the Source & Summit Missal - click here to learn more.

Essentials is a stripped back version of our Standard offering that includes 2000+ Antiphon Settings & 18 Mass Setting as well as liturgies for Sundays and Solemnities. It also enables you to dynamically prepare music, export PDF and image files for printing, booklet creation, or for use in your bulletin, as well as uploading all of your licensed, public domain, and original content for use in a single platform eliminating the need to jump around between different content sources to download and pull together the music each week, and a single user. 

Standard includes all of the content and features from the Essentials tier plus 550+ hymns (including Spanish and Latin), weekday liturgy content and preparation, votive and ritual mass support, Spanish & Latin support for Sundays and Solemnities, unlimited templates, and 5 seats.  

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