Our vision is that Catholics, radiant with the grace received in the sacred liturgy, will illuminate the darkness of the world with the Light of Christ.

Our times are crying out for a new renaissance—a new blossoming of timeless truth, beauty, and goodness. It is our turn to carry the torch of salvation into the darkness of our world like the giants who came before us—from Saint Paul to Saint John Paul the Great—and to illuminate the world with heavenly grace. It is time for Catholics to be culture-makers once more. And it all begins with the way we worship.

Our mission is to help every Catholic parish elevate the liturgy

Our Story

Nearly a decade ago we launched Illuminare Publications. Since then we have put tens of thousands of Lumen Christi Missals and Hymnals in the pews of Catholic parishes, distributed countless English chant score downloads to thousands of parishes, published numerous liturgical music resources, and have helped parishes on every continent in their efforts of liturgical renewal.

And yet, our work is just beginning.

In September of 2019 we initiated the next phase of our work and mission. We have launched a new effort under a new name. In Scripture, when God calls someone to a new mission and a greater purpose, he changes their name. Abram becomes Abraham, Simon becomes Peter, Saul becomes Paul. Inspired by a growing mission to place the riches of the liturgy within reach of every parish, Illuminare Publications has become Source & Summit. 

In the ten years we’ve spent serving parishes, we have discovered obstacles and opportunities our parishes face each week in preparing for and celebrating the liturgy. That is why we are developing a digital platform to help parishes elevate the liturgy. We continue to publish missals, hymnals, and other musical and liturgical resources. And soon we will be rolling out pricing models that make the best music and liturgy resourcing affordable for every parish. 

We hope to work alongside you as you invite men, women and all of God’s children into full, fruitful, and active participation in the liturgy as the source and summit of the whole Christian life and mission.

Source & Summit

The team behind the mission

Adam Bartlett


Eugene Burke


Benjamin Bloomfield


Tim Farrow


Eric Robinson

parish success

Jethro Higgins


Alex Seefeldt



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