I pray that Source & Summit will be an important protagonist in promoting a renewal of the sacred liturgy serving the Church’s efforts for a new evangelization, and give it my wholehearted support.

Most Rev. Samuel j. Aquila
Archbishop of Denver

Source & Summit is helping the Church fulfill its mission by supporting parishes to celebrate the liturgy beautifully and faithfully, especially through music.”

Curtis martin
FOCUS, Founder

“I am happy to give my blessing and support to Source & Summit. I pray that their efforts will be fruitful so that more Catholics will be renewed in their faith in God and in their desire to evangelize the world!”

Robert cardinal sarah
Prefect of the Congregation
for Divine Worship

Elevate the liturgy

Source & Summit places the riches of the liturgy at your fingertips. We provide tools and resources to help you elevate the liturgy at your parish. And with our innovative, upcoming digital platform, you can prepare liturgical celebrations that are radiant with the Light of Christ with confidence and ease.

The riches of the liturgy at your fingertips

Beautiful Pew
Liturgy Preparation
Prepare and
Knowledge Base

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Invigorate your parish

Lead your parish gradually into a deeper participation in the liturgy where God illuminates the Church through the beauty of sacramental signs. Giving glory to God and encountering Christ in his mysteries, Catholics can be formed in God’s life and love and share it within their families, relationships, and in authentic community.

The liturgy is intimately tied to the Church’s mission to evangelize. If the two do not go hand in hand, both will falter.

Pope Saint John Paul II

Renew the culture

Renewed at the summit and filled with grace, your parish will become primed for evangelization and formed for missionary discipleship. United to Christ, we are poured out to Christify the world in all we do. And then we turn once again and climb to the summit where Christ awaits to draw us into the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Bring Source & Summit to your parish

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