A Lot Has Changed: Explore the Source & Summit Digital Platform

Eugene Burke

Nov 30, 2022

The Source & Summit Digital Platform launched out of Beta on August 1st, 2021. However, many of you have been following Source & Summit for much longer. If your first look at Source & Summit was more than a year ago, many of our core features were not yet released. As we enter this new liturgical year, and this time of Eucharistic Revival, we invite you to take another look. What can you accomplish with a tool specifically designed to help you Elevate the Liturgy? Even if you have tried the Digital Platform before, start a new free trial to explore the new features listed below.

What Was New in 2022?

Custom Templates

Recently, we were proud to release our most desired feature of 2022: Custom Templating. Templates allow multiple custom starting points when preparing the Liturgy. The primary benefit of templates is the removal of repetitive actions each time you prepare music for Mass. Do you always add an opening and recessional hymn? Do you use the same mass setting for an entire season? Do you always set chants in modern notation? Do you always remove some sections and add others, and then apply the same settings week after week? With templates, you can make those changes once and reuse them as a new starting point for preparing future liturgies.

Templates don’t just save changes to your outline. You can also set default text and music selections, music transpositions, adjust the notation or accompaniment display, set the default number of psalm verses for antiphons, and more. Those changes will be stored in your template for later use when you begin to prepare your next liturgy.

Practice Audio

MIDI playback of your music selections has long been available for those preparing liturgies in the Digital Platform, but now this feature is available for everyone in your music program. When you share an Ordo (prepared liturgy) with your musicians, they can now listen to MIDI playback of the music you have selected to help them rehearse and learn new music. Click here for an example.

Export Updates & Improved Musical Display

Improvements have been made to the rendering of musical score content. These improvements maximize the space used on an exported page, while minimizing page turns. Updated logic will prevent single measures from being orphaned on a new system. Page and system breaks have also been adjusted to occur in the most logical places for improved readability of your music.

Export performance has also been dramatically improved. The export process is now much faster, and provides you with additional formatting options to ensure your music displays beautifully and efficiently in any context.

Multi-User Accounts

The most common feature request since we launched the Digital Platform was to allow access for multiple users within a single subscription. Your account can now support the addition and management of up to 5 users, allowing multiple users to collaborate, prepare liturgies, and share them.

Multi-Account Users

In addition to supporting multiple users per account, you can now add multiple accounts to your login. If you serve multiple parishes, you no longer need to maintain multiple logins. Once you've been added to multiple parishes, simply toggle between the parishes in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.

Pilot Referral Program

We recently began a pilot referral program. You can now refer your friends for a $50 cash referral reward. Start earning $50 for customers you bring to Source & Summit. Simply email support@sourceandsummit.com to learn more or sign up. Some limitations apply. We plan to launch a more robust referral program soon.

Getting Started Updates

The Digital Platform offers a great deal of value. We want to ensure that everyone starting a free trial has seen everything it has to offer. So, we've updated the information you and your colleagues will receive as a trial user. Free trial users will now see a Getting Started feature to give a concrete indicator of the features and functionality already experienced, and how much more there is to explore. We’ve also added several walk-through videos to your dashboard to help you get started.

Source & Summit Missal Template

The full custom templating feature is only available in the Standard Plan or the Complete Digital Add-On. However, we have included a pre-defined Source & Summit Missal Template in the Missal Support Plan. This template is included in every Missal subscription. Missal Support Plan users can now produce a complete Ordo to match the contents of the Source & Summit Missal with just a few clicks. To see a demonstration of this feature, please watch this Missal Support Video.

Missal Support Plan

As of November 2021, Source & Summit Missal subscribers can login and access the accompaniments and other content included with their digital Missal Support. Users can upgrade their Missal Support with the Complete Digital Add-on, providing Missal subscribers with access to everything in the Standard Plan. Click here to compare costs and features.

Essentials Plan

Our best kept secret last year was the Essentials Plan. It contains the essential elements most parishes need to renew their music programs. The reduced content and features of the Essentials Plan could save your parish an average of 60% off the price of the Standard Plan. This plan is often used in conjunction with other resources, or as part of a gradual implementation plan toward deeper authentic liturgical renewal.

Essentials Plans include:

  • Sundays, Solemnities, and Major Feasts

  • Proper Antiphons in English

  • 18 Mass Settings

  • Hassle-Free Music Licensing

  • Sheet Music Customization

  • Export and Share

  • Content Upload

  • Midi Audio Playback

  • A Library of Antiphon & Psalm Tones

  • Accompaniments and Harmonizations

To see a full comparison between the Essentials Plan and the Standard Plan click here.‍

Campus Ministry Plan

Is your organization a parochial school, seminary, monastery, or campus ministry? Contact Parish Support to learn more about the Campus Ministry Plan. At a flat annual fee of $549, this plan offers our best price while providing everything the Digital Platform has to offer.

Latin Chant Library

The complete Latin Gregorian chant propers for Sundays and Holy Days are now fully available on the platform, and with flexibility like never before. In addition to being able to set any chant in modern notation, Solesmes rhythmic markings can also be hidden and shown on any chant with a single click. 

Most significantly, a full range of Latin Psalm verse texts are available for all Entrance, Offertory, and Communion Antiphons, which can be set to any simple or solemn Gregorian psalm tone with a single click. Antiphons also can be set to simple or solemn Gregorian tones, as well as the verses of Graduals, Alleluias, and Tracts. Additionally, the complete Kyriale Romanum with Solesmes rhythmic markings is available for use for every day of the liturgical year.

Spanish Musical Content

Entrance and Communion antiphons are now available in Spanish and can be set to the tones available in the tone library. These antiphons, in addition to nearly 100 common Spanish hymns and 2 Spanish mass settings, provide a firm foundation for authentic renewal of the Liturgy in Spanish.

Custom Text

Custom text is an incredibly powerful feature, allowing you to enter text into the flow of your Ordo for many purposes. You can use custom text to:

  • Add prayers such as the St. Michael Prayer or the Anima Christi 

  • Include announcements in your Ordo

  • Add General Intercessions

  • Give musical direction

  • And more…

Readings for Memorials

Readings for memorials and optional memorials are now available in the Standard Plan, Campus Ministry Plan, and the Complete Digital Add-on to the Missal Support Plan.

Votive Masses & Masses for Various Needs

We've added Votive Masses and Masses for Various Needs to provide you access to the liturgies your parish needs for almost any occasion.

Expanded Access to Ritual Masses & Masses for the Dead

Missal Support Plans and Campus Ministry Plans now support Ritual Masses and Masses for the Dead.

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Ready to get started?

Contact us to request a quote, place an order, schedule a demo, or to discuss the needs of your parish. You can also start a free trial or request a free missal sample to get started right away.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to request a quote, place an order, schedule a demo, or to discuss the needs of your parish. You can also start a free trial or request a free missal sample to get started right away.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to request a quote, place an order, schedule a demo, or to discuss the needs of your parish. You can also start a free trial or request a free missal sample to get started right away.