What's New in the 2024 Source & Summit Missal

Adam Bartlett

Jun 6, 2023

On the Solemnity of Corpus Christi 2023, the Catholic Church in the US will begin the Parish Year of the Eucharistic Revival. The Playbook for the parish year offers four invitations to parishes. The first invitation is to undertake efforts to "reinvigorate worship" with a special "attentiveness to the ars celebrandi," or art of liturgical celebration. As the Church articulates for us so beautifully, all things in the Church's life begin with the liturgy and point back toward it.

In support of the Parish Year of the Eucharistic Revival, the 2023 Source & Summit Missal features an image of Jesus Christ the Eternal High Priest who is offering himself in the Eucharist upon the altar. In 2024, we are excited to continue this theme with a stunning cover image featuring Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.

This custom cover art, once again produced exclusively for Source & Summit by Ruth Stricklin of New Jerusalem Studios, is breathtaking to behold. But we think you will appreciate the enhancements between the covers even more.

Here is an overview of what's new in the 2024 Source & Summit Missal.

Five New Mass Settings

We are thrilled to announce that five new Mass Settings—four in English and one in Latin—will be included in the 2024 Source & Summit Missal (in both the Standard and Companion Editions). These Masses are already sung widely in US Catholic parishes and will offer even greater flexibility to parishes seeking to Elevate the Liturgy.

The first is the Mass of the Immaculate Conception, by Peter Latona, director of music at the National Shrine Basilica in Washington, D.C. This English Mass Setting is a hybrid setting—part in a chanted form and partly metered, and is sung regularly in many US Cathedrals across the country.

The second setting is the Mass of Saint Philip Neri, by Paul Jernberg, founder of the Magnificat Institute of Sacred Music. This highly acclaimed Mass Setting has been sung widely since its publication over a decade ago. With melodies and harmonies inspired by the chant tradition of the Eastern Rites, it is presented in metered notation with time signatures to help facilitate broad use on the parish level.

The third is the Mass of Peace, by Dave and Lauren Moore, founders of the Catholic Music Initiative. This simple and flexible setting was crafted to be sung in a variety of contexts and styles. Equally at home with modern instrumentation or in choral / organ contexts, it is sung widely by hundreds of parishes and will be featured at the 2024 Eucharistic Congress.

The fourth setting is the Mass of Saint Francis, by Horst Buchholz, director of sacred music at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Detroit. First published in the Adoremus Hymnal, this simple metrical setting is as accessible as it is festive. Whether it is led by a single cantor with organ accompaniment, or in full choral context, it is sure to be sung by congregations far and wide.

And finally, we have included Kyriale Romanum Mass XI (Missa Orbis Factor)—the Church’s Mass Setting for Ordinary Time—in its full Gregorian chant form. The Kyrie alone has been included previously as an option within Mass in Mode One, but it is now included in total.

Revised Hymn Section

Based on the generous feedback offered in our annual survey, the hymns of the missal have been substantially revised for 2024. Most notably, many of the lesser known Divine Office hymns with repetitive metrical tunes have been eliminated while the more familiar Office Hymns for more prominent liturgical feasts have been included both with familiar metrical tunes and their traditional chant melodies. All Spanish hymns have been removed (more on this below) and will be featured in a forthcoming fully Spanish language edition, while many texts have been enriched with additional tunes. Several new hymns have also been added. For a complete list of texts and tunes eliminated and added in the 2024 edition, click here.

New Approach to Spanish Content

Since its inception, the Source & Summit Missal has sought to be a resource accessible to parishes that celebrate the liturgy both in English and Spanish. We remain committed to this goal, however, based on ample user feedback, we have decided to take a renewed approach to the task. In the near future, we plan to release a fully Spanish language missal edition (look for more on this in early 2024!). As a result, we have opted to take the Spanish language material out of our English language missal. All Spanish content (and much more to come!) remain on the Source & Summit Digital Platform, and will be featured prominently in our forthcoming Spanish Missal. If you would like to share any of your parish’s specific Spanish language needs with us, please contact us. We always welcome your input and feedback.

Introducing the Companion Edition

The biggest change in 2024 by far is the release of an entirely new edition, in addition to the Source & Summit Missal (Standard Edition): the Source & Summit Missal, Companion Edition. Based on the feedback of many of our users as well as supporters who have not yet been able to make the switch to Source & Summit, we offer this new edition as an even more significant stepping stone for parishes in transition.

Hymns are intentionally excluded from this edition so that it can serve as a companion to a number of other resources that may be currently in use in your parish. It also includes the priestly Orations (Collect, Prayer Over the Offerings, and Prayer After Communion) and a dramatically expanded selection of devotional prayers. These include a full order of Eucharistic Procession, four litanies, the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, various Examinations of Conscience and forms of the Act of Contrition from the new Order of Penance, and much more. To view the entire index of Devotional Prayers in the Companion Edition, click here.

New Paper, Additional Savings

And finally, we are glad to share that we have taken careful measures to help keep the pricing of the Source & Summit Missal lower than most other annual missals on the market as inflation continues to drive up costs and prices in the publishing industry. Our last two annual surveys asked respondents whether they would prefer premium paper in a more expensive product, or a lower grade paper in a less expensive product, and, overwhelmingly, an economical price was favored across the board over premium paper. We are thrilled that we have been able to keep missal prices not only competitive, but among the most cost-effective options available to parishes.

Our beautiful, premium foil stamped covers will remain unchanged, although with a few performance improvements to reduce wear and tear. We are confident that these changes will help your parishes even more as you seek to be wise stewards of your financial resources while you work to Elevate the Liturgy and form missionary disciples equipped to carry the Light of Christ more brightly into the world.

How to Bring the Source & Summit Missal to Your Parish

To learn more about the Source & Summit Missal, to place an order, or to request a sample copy, click here. To learn more about the Source & Summit Missal, Companion Edition, click here.

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Ready to get started?

Contact us to request a quote, place an order, schedule a demo, or to discuss the needs of your parish. You can also start a free trial or request a free missal sample to get started right away.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to request a quote, place an order, schedule a demo, or to discuss the needs of your parish. You can also start a free trial or request a free missal sample to get started right away.