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The Source & Summit Digital Platform replaces a number of tools and services that have become commonplace in the status quo of liturgical music ministry. Competing music planner tools claim to be everything your parish ministry needs for the liturgy, but you are expected to purchase costly licensing platforms in order to use much of the music you’ve already paid for. If you want to adjust the key or the number of verses, this is often not possible at all. To provide everything a parish truly needs to sing the Liturgy, a tool would also need to provide all of the texts of the propers. When it comes to delivering the liturgies you have prepared to the assembly or your musicians, you don’t want to be left to purchase, download, and share individual static files separately, or to navigate to other services in order to download individual files and print or email them out. You may need to import into yet another service if your musicians, or parishioners absent from the community due to illness, are to follow along with the liturgy seamlessly from a digital device. 

Catholic Churches have limited budgets, and if there is to be an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to reach the Catholic faithful those resources need to be used wisely and with great efficiency. Meanwhile, liturgical ministers who are serious about elevating the Liturgy are seeking paths to draw upon the rich texts of the liturgy provided to us by the Church. Our Director of Product, Eugene Burke, recorded the demonstrations below which address these pain points in the Source & Summit Digital Platform, where you will discover the riches of the Liturgy at your fingertips.

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Liturgy Preparation

Prepare a weekly liturgy in just minutes with content dynamically populated according to the Church calendar. Planning guides become obsolete with the riches of the liturgy at your fingertips. In this quick video Eugene prepares and distributes all of the text and music for a complete sung liturgy in just 7 minutes. Explore all of the content you have access to for liturgy preparation and how to prepare from the options provided.

Digital Music Library

Dynamic antiphon options and hymn suggestions help to narrow your choices from thousands of options within the digital music library, but you are also free to browse music by searching through all the content including your own uploads.

Sheet Music Customization

No other tool gives you the kind of flexibility to dynamically customize the music you prepare for liturgy—and this capability is right at your fingertips as you plan the music, right where you need it. Unlock the full potential of antiphons and hymns without the limitations inherent in single published editions.

Content Upload

Upload your own content for usage within the Digital Platform. If you use multiple sources for the music you sing in the liturgy, you can organize them all in our simple and easy-to-use platform. (Like Google Drive or Dropbox, you are responsible for maintaining appropriate licensing for any digital content you use this way.)

Multi-Format Delivery

The delivery needs of each parish are different. But with multi-format delivery, Source & Summit is right at your side providing your prepared liturgies in the physical or digital delivery channels your parish needs, even if those needs change. Whether you use a missal, worship aid, projection, digital delivery or a mix of formats, you’ll find a path forward with Source & Summit.

Hassle-Free Licensing

Every piece of musical content in the Source & Summit Digital Platform can be used, reused, printed, shared, and distributed however you see fit for your parish ministry. No reporting of your usage. No limitations on when, where, or how you can use the musical content you have paid for. That’s our Hassle-Free Licensing promise.

Catholic Churches will be blessed by the time and money this Digital Platform will save, not only in preparing and planning music, but in all of the logistics that go along with delivering that liturgical content to the musicians and Catholic faithful who need it. Allow the Holy Spirit to transform and renew your parish ministry by partnering with Source & Summit.

To start a free trial visit:

Jethro Higgins
Oct 8, 2021

Prepare to Elevate the Liturgy:Com> <bine the tools of your parish ministry to renew the Catholic faithful

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