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Sep 6, 2023

The Parish Year of the Eucharistic Revival has begun. And the need for parish renewal right now, flowing from the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, is palpable. The studies have been done and the results are in: the status quo in parish life is not working. We need to press forward, we need better tools and resources, and we need to seize the opportunity given to us by the US Bishops this year to elevate and renew the liturgy, and to draw our parishioners more deeply into it.

There is no better time than now to make the switch to Source & Summit.

But don’t take our word for it, here is what Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Chairman of the National Eucharistic Revival and Eucharistic Congress, has to say:

“Eucharistic revival begins and ends in the celebration of the sacred liturgy. It is my hope that parishes in the US will undertake renewed and intentional efforts to let the beauty of Christ shine more radiantly in our celebrations of the Mass, and I wholeheartedly recommend Source & Summit as a trustworthy resource and partner in this effort.”

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Here are three reasons to make the switch to Source & Summit for the Parish Year of the Eucharistic Revival:

1. Bring Greater Beauty to the Liturgy

The first strategic pillar and invitation of the Eucharistic Revival is “Reinvigorating Worship” with a special focus on the ars celebrandi (art of liturgical celebration). The Revival describes the importance of this pillar, saying:

"Beauty in the liturgy elevates the minds and hearts of those who attend Mass, helping them to match their interior disposition with the externals of what’s being celebrated."

The Source & Summit Missal was designed specifically with this aim in mind. From its beautiful custom cover art set in a radiant gold foil, to its luminous and accessible chant settings of the Mass antiphons already sung in thousands of parishes, to its reverent and theologically sound hymns, to its Mass Settings that point to heaven—the Source & Summit Missal helps elevate the minds and hearts of those who attend Mass, directing them toward Christ and helping them participate more deeply in his perfect prayer to the Father.

The Missal is available in two editions: the Standard Edition (with hymns) and the Companion Edition (without hymns, but with added priestly orations and extra devotional prayers). The Standard Edition is a complete missal for the pew that gives your parishioners everything they need, while the Companion Edition is designed to integrate with another hymnal or resource, or with a weekly music booklet using a music licensing service.

Pro Tip: In order to help facilitate a smooth transition into Source & Summit, some parishes print a small supplemental booklet for the first year with 20-30 hymns and songs that their parishioners might be attached to (the list is different for every parish), but that are not contained in the Source & Summit Missal. Other parishes might make weekly leaflets or seasonal booklets, or include some additional musical content in the parish bulletin. And since they are likely paying for a music licensing service, this transitional measure is quick, easy, and inexpensive. 

In time, as you begin introducing more classic hymns and chants gradually, and begin singing more and more of the Mass itself, the need for these supplemental resources tends to fall away as your congregation begins to grow with more and more young families and committed disciples filling the pews.

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2. Support Your Liturgy & Music Program Effortlessly

Supporting your Liturgy and Music Program has never been easier than it is now with the Source & Summit Digital Platform. Whether you have a Missal Support Plan to give you quick and easy access to accompaniments, music for your cantors and choir, and more, or an Essentials Plan to integrate with your existing resources, or a Standard Plan to help automate your liturgy preparation process with everything in one place, the Digital Platform will help your musicians prepare beautiful liturgies with confidence and ease.

The Source & Summit Digital Platform was designed to make the task of renewing and elevating your liturgy and music program simple. It helps guide liturgy and music leaders along the guidelines and requirements of the liturgical books and according to the Church’s teachings on liturgy and music, while providing access to the practical tools and resources needed to simplify the day-to-day or week-to-week task of preparation and coordination.

Really, the Digital Platform is something that you need to see to believe. Here is a quick demonstration of some of its most powerful features:

Pro Tip: The Digital Platform can be used as your primary Missal Support resource, or entirely on its own as a standalone liturgy and music resource solution. It can help you select music for Mass, change keys or add and remove verses, view and select from reading and antiphon text options, customize and download sheet music, share prepared Ordos with your musicians to help them listen to audio playback, practice, and prepare, create custom booklets, access accompaniments, choir and cantor scores, sheet music with chord symbols, and so much more. Truly, what once required a professional liturgy and music staff can now be done by a part time musician in a point-and-click way with the help of a professionally designed tool that pastors can rely on.

Every missal subscription comes with a free Missal Support Plan, and with a free Complete Digital Add-On (the equivalent of the Standard Plan) for the first year. The Essentials and Standard Plans are available in monthly or annual subscriptions, and Educational Plans are also available for Catholic Schools, Campus Ministries, Religious Communities, and Seminaries.

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3. Save Time, Money, and Frustration

One of the greatest benefits of making the switch to Source & Summit is the savings of time, of precious financial resources, and of the frustration that so often comes with liturgy and music licensing.

Music directors can save hours every week due to their streamlined preparation process, allowing them more time to do what they really want to be doing: building choirs, leading rehearsals, practicing, teaching, and executing music in the liturgy. Part-time music coordinators can do the work of a full time director, and music leaders and volunteers can do more than they ever could before.

Parishes can also save money by consolidating their resources into a more deeply integrated solution so that multiple licenses, subscriptions, hard costs, and other hidden fees do not continue to weigh down the parish budget year after year. The Source & Summit Missal is also less expensive than the leading legacy missals available on the market, and it boasts of a significantly higher quality at the same time.

And, significantly, Source & Summit’s Hassle-Free Licensing promise means that all music offered in the Source & Summit Missal and Digital Platform can be used and reproduced for any purpose within your parish’s use without having to pay for any additional licenses. This also means that there is no need for weekly tracking and reporting of music usage. You simply can sing and pray with the music resources that your parish already paid for and focus your attention on prayer, not copyright law.

And lastly, Source & Summit is far more than a suite of resources for your parish—we are a partner that is invested in your success. Our Parish Support team is available every day by phone, email, or text and is ready to help support and serve you through your transition process into Source & Summit resources. We also offer training workshops and consulting services whenever additional support might be needed.

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Make the Switch Today

You can count on Source & Summit to be a trusted partner to help you maximize the Parish Year of the Eucharistic Revival in your parish. We would love to have a conversation with you about your parish’s needs, challenges, and opportunities—it is what we do every day, and that is why hundreds, even thousands of parishes rely on Source & Summit each week to support their liturgy and music needs.

To request a quote, a sample copy, to place an order, or to speak with a member of our team, please call (888) 462-7780 or email us at support@sourceandsummit.com. We look forward to supporting your efforts to elevate the liturgy.

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Ready to get started?

Contact us to request a quote, place an order, schedule a demo, or to discuss the needs of your parish. You can also start a free trial or request a free missal sample to get started right away.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to request a quote, place an order, schedule a demo, or to discuss the needs of your parish. You can also start a free trial or request a free missal sample to get started right away.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to request a quote, place an order, schedule a demo, or to discuss the needs of your parish. You can also start a free trial or request a free missal sample to get started right away.