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We know that this is a difficult time for parishes, and we at Source & Summit are committed to helping you get through it. Even more, we believe that this time of trial could be a moment of renewal for your parish, beginning with the liturgy. Click here to discover the flexible tools and faithful liturgy and music resources from Source & Summit.

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Your Solution for Covid-19 (and beyond)

We are confident that trying out Source & Summit over the next 30 days will help you solve many of your Covid-19 music and liturgy challenges, and be an ongoing solution for the future needs of your parish. And the best part: we offer flexible solutions for how you can subscribe.

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You Spoke and We Listened

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No Hymnal use in the Pews
We Provide Flexible Options

The opportunity is to make use of the benefits of digital technology, both to assist the homebound and to equip safely those in the pews, either through print on demand resources or through prudent use of mobile and tablet devices.

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Lofty Music Licensing
Hassle-Free Music Library

The opportunity is to stop worrying about costly music and live streaming licenses as well as pesky reporting requirements, and to make use of the classic hymns and beautiful chant settings that we publish in the Creative Commons and from the Public Domain.

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No Choir or Vigorous Singing
Focus on the Essentials

The opportunity is to introduce the sung antiphons and simple chants of the Mass to your parish. With the help of the Source & Summit platform, a single cantor can chant the Entrance, Offertory, and Communion Antiphons of the Mass as well as the Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia Verse (with or without accompaniment), and the faithful in the pews or at home can sing along lightly or pray silently with the texts of the liturgy itself.

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No One Knows What is Ahead
We Provide a Flexible Solution

The opportunity is to equip your parish with tools and resources that can be flexible to your needs in the months that lie ahead. Resource your parish in whatever format you need: digitally for mobile or tablet view, in presentations, in custom booklets, or in the parish bulletin. Once missals and hymnals can return to the pews, you can add one of our pew resources to your digital subscription at one low cost. Safeguard your parish’s cashflow by subscribing monthly, or save in the long term by subscribing annually. Our platform provides the most flexible solution for planning for the unexpected.

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