Rejoice in the Lord Always

Advent & Christmas 2020
Parish Music Support Program
November 16th - January 11th
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Elevate the liturgy simply and beautifully during COVID-19 restrictions by singing the antiphons of the Mass and license-free hymns, with weekly support and cantor trainings from Source & Summit.
What's Included:
Full Access to the Source & Summit Platform for the Entire Advent and Christmas Seasons
Access to an Expansive Music Library of Antiphons, Hymns, Responsorial Psalms, Mass Settings and More
Hassle-Free Music Licensing: No Additional Reprint or Live Streaming Licenses Needed
Weekly Training Webinars for your Cantors and Music Volunteers
Inexpensive Cost: $0, $35, $65 Based on Parish Size

Does your parish feel paralyzed by the pandemic?
In fear of a second lockdown?

As a Church, we have been here before. And our hope in the Incarnate Christ has never been snuffed out. We have found creative solutions in the past, and we can again today. We have a plan and solution for your parish to help make the liturgies of Advent and Christmas all that they can be this year.

Faith Amidst Adversity

Holy Week and Easter of 2020 Is Hard to Forget
Creativity without the flock
Many Pastors and Priests will look back on Holy Week and Easter 2020 as one of the strangest moments in their priesthood. Parishes everywhere were quick to respond to the lockdowns and the suspension of Masses with public attendance. We learned how to livestream, to communicate digitally, how to do digital offertories, and figured out much on the fly. But we have learned much since then, and do not need to enter into the next great seasons of the liturgical year in mere survival mode.
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Opportunity in the
Face of Trial

Elevate the Liturgies of Advent and Christmas This Year
Focus on Essentials with Noble Simplicity
No one knows what the weeks and months ahead will bring, but we can be certain that Advent and Christmas will bring Catholics an encounter with the Word made Flesh who will come to dwell among us. The Church in her wisdom has given us a blueprint for the sung liturgy celebrated with noble simplicity that requires no more than the voices of a single cantor and the celebrating priest. Source & Summit has the resources, tools, and guidance to help you implement this pure and radiant model in your parish—simply, easily, and inexpensively.
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Expert Help and Guidance

Weekly Virtual Training for your Cantors and Music Volunteers
Discover the Musical Riches of the Seasons
Included in this special program offered by the Source & Summit Academy, you can send your cantors and parish musicians to a weekly rehearsal with Adam Bartlett, our founder and the composer of thousands of English Chant antiphon settings sung in thousands of parishes around the world. These weekly training sessions will help your cantors learn and prepare the antiphons and simple chants of the coming Sunday, with practical instruction and guidance, and will help them gain insight into the meaning and significance of the texts that form an integral part of the Masses of Advent and Christmas.
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join us...

We have limited space available for the Advent & Christmas Parish Music Support Program and we would love to have you with us on this journey. We know that your parish is in a difficult time. But you can still elevate the liturgy this Advent and Christmas and heighten the solemnity of seasons with simplicity and flexibility.

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What does the program include?

A full subscription to the Source & Summit music and liturgy platform for the entire Advent and Christmas Seasons, and a series of virtual training sessions with our founder Adam Bartlett, and a weekly email newsletter

How much does it cost?

To help parishes elevate the liturgy during these difficult times, we are offering this program at a negligible cost. It is entirely free for parishes with 999 parishioners or less, $35 for parishes with 1000-2499 registered parishioners, and $65 for parishes with 2500 registered parishioners or more.

When can I sign up for the program?

Spots will open on Monday, November 16th, and will close Saturday, November 28th. You can sign up here.

Who is Source & Summit?

Source & Summit (formerly Illuminare Publications) is a liturgy and music resource provider that exists to help parishes elevate the liturgy. Learn more about our mission here.

How can this program be integrated into my current music plans?

The Source & Summit platform offers the height of flexibility. In addition to offering additional music resources that can be exported and printed, you can also prepare digital worship aids that you can share with your parishioners to aid their participation either at home or in the pews.

Do I need to pay extra for livestream licensing?

Our music licensing model is Hassle-Free, which means that you can share, reprint, and livestream our musical content without worry or additional licensing costs.

Do I need a full-time music staff member to participate?

Our program is designed for volunteer or modestly stipended parish musicians. Our resources are designed for ease of use and our training program will offer the support you would expect from a full time music director.

How does this program specifically address our needs during COVID-19?

Limited congregational singing: we help your cantors sing the antiphons of the Mass simply and beautifully.

No missals or hymnals: produce booklets or share digital worship aids with a custom link produced by the Source & Summit platform that contains the music, readings, and content you have prepared for a particular liturgy.

Livestreamed Masses: Share the same digital link with people at home, and don't worry about having to pay for an additional livestreaming license with our hassle-free music licensing model.

Why is this an easy solution for a busy Pastor like me?

Our digital platform makes elevating the liturgy at your parish simple and easy. Your music coordinator or cantor can have access to everything they need and receive the training and support to make the Advent and Christmas seasons beautiful and prayerful for your parishioners, whether they are in the pews or at home.